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Scott began his career in the golf industry as a draftsman in 1988. But with his penchant for understanding new and emerging technology, he quickly evolved into a role as an IT specialist at a time when computers were still in their infancy. Today, Scott’s abilities have expanded to include maintaining and upgrading Local Area Network (LAN) systems and
workstations, training personnel in computer software and applications and ensuring that Fry/Straka remains on the cutting edge of computer science.
Scott particularly enjoys the ever- evolving challenge of both Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) and Graphics, and is continually developing innovative ways to tailor generic software packages to improve the clarity and accuracy of our plans and specifications.

Skills and Qualifications

Scott has extensive experience in the building trades, most notably as an accomplished finish carpenter. He brings with him a suite of task management and organizational skills that ensure complete documentation of every design project in which Fry/Straka is involved. Scott’s greatest strength may well be his ability to interpret, visualize and communicate topographic information to staff, a skill that he has perfected over 25 years of practical experience. Scott is one of those rare individuals who can see in his mind’s eye the true representation of the topographic drawing and apply it to his role in the golf course design process. He ensures that Fry/Straka remains on the cutting edge of computer technology.