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After earning a university degree in Trade and Economics, Emma Han, who lives in Beijing, China, discovered she preferred the field of journalism. Her educational background was to prove advantageous, however, as her career path evolved.

Journalism, Travel and Serendipity

Han’s entry into journalism began with a local newspaper, after which she became a magazine editor. In 2003 she decided to take a sabbatical, traveling through Europe to improve her English and develop more business contacts. Upon returning to China, Han began working for Golf Magazine China and later for Business Travel Magazine. She met Dana Fry in 2006, when Fry spoke at a conference presented by Golf Magazine China, during his first-ever trip to China. It was to be a providential crossing of paths.

Seeing the World, Making Connections

During the ensuing years, Han has indulged her love of travel and business, and has worked with Fry ever since his first trip to China. Today Han, affiliated with a company known as ENGAGE, continues to serve as an invaluable liaison to Fry in securing golf-course design projects in China, including a recent project in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, with more venues in the planning stages.

Due to her experience with Golf Magazine China, Han also enjoys a connection with China Golf World, thus expanding her knowledge of golf-course project news in China. Cumulatively, through her extensive media experience over the years, Han has developed a keen understanding of how to promote clients’ projects in China – and clients in turn appreciate knowing that Fry/Straka Global Golf Course Design maintains strong ties to important media outlets.

“Emma Han is a great asset,” says Fry, “and I forever will be grateful for her help, trust, support, work ethic and honesty. Without Emma, I would have had no chance of succeeding in China.”

Beyond Golf

In addition to her passion for her work, Han enjoys traveling, children and animals. Her interests may be varied, but her importance to Fry/Straka Global Golf Course Design remains steadfast and distinctive.