Research Analysis

Countless hours of study are dedicated to each project to ensure all opportunities are maximized and constraints minimized. Fry/Straka’s technical background enables them to solve even the most complex challenges.

Schematic Design

Routing golf courses is a combination of art, engineering, experience and persistence. Never satisfied until all options have been explored, it is not unusual for Fry/Straka to create dozens of layouts until the best balance of golf and other programmatic needs is met.

Design Development

Upon several team reviews and revisions, a final routing plan emerges. This plan is then further defined by the placement, sizing and shapes of golf features. Fry/Straka’s artistry, combined with their agronomic knowledge enables them to maximize strategy, aesthetics, playability and conditioning while reducing construction and maintenance costs.


The golf course is usually one amenity associated with a larger development. Regardless of the project size, the team approach ensures the best integration of program elements culminating in a comprehensive masterplan.


Fry/Straka’s technical training and experience in producing highly detailed construction drawings enables the team to communicate effectively with permit agencies to ensure an expedient permit process. Fry/Straka’s environmental and engineering expertise shines through, especially when attending public permitting meetingsand events.

Construction Documents & Bidding

Highly-detailed construction drawings, meticulous plans and precisely-written specifications are the basis for a competitive bid process. The goal for every bid is to leave no room for ambiguity in the contractor’s tender. Fry/Straka’s drawings are so detailed and thorough that most of its projects never see a single change order.

Construction Visits

Fry/Straka takes an active hands-on approach during construction. The more time a designer spends in the field, the better the result will be. To ensure each project gets the full attention it deserves, Fry/Straka accepts just a select number of projects each year.

Grow-In & Completion

Fry/Straka’s services don’t stop after construction. Their agronomic training and greenskeeping experience enable them to assist the superintendent with grow-in and long-term maintenance programs to protect the integrity of the design and to create quality playing conditions on a reasonable maintenance budget. Further, Fry/Straka typically maintains client relationships for decades after the completion of the project to lend a helping hand for any future needs. Those lasting relationships speak to the quality of their work and character of their people.