Fry/Straka Global Golf Course Design is a partnership with worldwide reach in award-winning golf course design. Golf course architects Dana Fry and Jason Straka, having worked together for more than 20 years, continue to bring their collective design experience, talent, indomitable spirit, and renowned client dedication to their shared enterprise, with global scope and limitless possibilities. Although the pair collaborates on all projects, it is not uncommon for the partners to be traveling on opposite sides of the world so they can serve their global clients with ease, efficiency, and the utmost in professional dedication. In addition, the company has a diversified staff of associates – speaking a combined six languages – based in Lisbon, Portugal; Milan, Italy; Beijing, China; Porto Alegre, Brazil; and dispersed around the U.S. Thus Fry/Straka Global Golf Course Design can service any job, anywhere in the world, with the highest standards and a consummate commitment to excellence.

Environmental Expertise

The sum total of Fry/Straka’s education, knowledge and experience in environmental aspects of golf-course design is unmatched. Dana Fry, ASGCA, with an extensive background in earthmoving, shaping, and environmental awareness, has achieved an acclaimed status as a result of the esteemed projects to which he has lent his artistic hand; his influence continues to grow. Jason Straka, ASGCA, holds a Masters degree in Agronomy and Environmental Golf Course Design Studies. Having taught environmental golf-course design at the university level, he now serves as an environmental-award rater and as an expert witness on environmental golf-course matters for the U.S. government, speaking authoritatively on such matters around the world. Separately and together, Fry and Straka are distinguished by their devotion to environmental golf-course design and have become established leaders in this specialty, their projects having won many environmental accolades.


Every golf-course design project undertaken by Fry/Straka Global Golf Course Design assumes a position of great importance, as evidenced by the level of attention bestowed on each one. With a noticeably hands-on approach, especially in such critical phases as environmental planning and construction-field observation during the shaping phase, Fry/Straka sets the standard for diligence and mindful adherence to the highest professional standards.

The success of Fry/Straka Global Golf Course Design to date is a harbinger of what lies on the horizon for this accomplished duo.